About Aurora
The Aurora Group was established in Taiwan in 1965. The meaning of the group’s name in Chinese is “the sun rising from the east”, while the English name AURORA means “dawn’s light”. Both symbolize light and hope, representing power and vitality. AURORA Group began by selling office time clocks, its business areas covered Taiwan, mainland China and many countries around the world, and business scope involve Office Automation equipment, Office furniture, communications, 3D printer, office cloud and electronics. Its efforts have led it to become the leading brand of the Office Automation industry.


Our Mission
​The aim of the AURORA Group is to create the ideal office environment. With more than 47 years of practical experience we provides customers with comprehensive services.More than 70% of business in Taiwan has been using AURORA products.Our product line run from office equipment such as paper shredder,electronic calculator,laminator to laser pointer.